Teenagers Perform ‘Imagine’ By John Lennon During The Street Performance


Six months ago, a great video appeared on YouTube where we, two teenagers, play on the street.

Oscar Stembridge and Karolina Protsenko performed and sang John Lennon’s hit “Imagine” together.

The video, posted on Oscar’s YouTube channel, has already become a hit on the Internet – on the mentioned network alone, he scored almost 2 million views, and many music lovers were satisfied with the performance.

Imagine was released in 1971 by John Lennon and in 2017 his wife Yoko Ono also co-wrote the screenplay. It is the best-selling single of John Lennon’s solo career.

Hear Oscar Stembridge and Karolina Protsenko perform and sing one of John Lennon’s greatest hits “Imagine” together.



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