The Judges Thought She Was A Joke, But Her Performance Made EVERYONE Fall In Love With Her


Her name is Panda Ross, and when she first walked out onto the X Factor stage, the judges seemed to think she was a joke. Sure, she was loud, she was funny, she had a crazy story, but did she have any talent?

As soon as she started singing, every doubt in their minds completely disappeared – she may have a funny name, but Panda has one amazing voice! Simon even told her she sounded like “a legend” already! This is proof that you should never judge a book by its cover, and people can surprise you all the time!

I’m so glad they gave her a chance to prove herself farther on into the competition, and to show the world that just because she was a big girl who liked to make people laugh, doesn’t mean she isn’t a beautiful woman with amazing talent at the same time!



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