This Judge Is Baffled And On His Feet When He Sees Who’s Singing On Stage


Harrison Craig became famous after he won the 2nd season of The Voice Australia. His debut album “More Than A Dream” hit #1 on the Australian music charts, setting a high bar for the his future work. Before all of that, Harrison was just a young man battling a speech condition. His love for singing brought him to The Voice stage, where he performed a beautiful rendition of “Broken Vow,” a song originally written by Lara Fabian but has recent popularity due to a cover by Josh Grobin.

The Voice is a show that exists in a large spectrum of different countries from all over the world, and it’s inspiring to see that everyone has the same passion for music. My favorite example of this during Harrison’s performance is when his younger brother burst into tears as he’s watching his brother’s performance. The moment is so powerful and real, and you can’t help but get emotional. Moments like this are the reason clips from the Voice get shared all around the world.
What was your favorite part of Harrison’s performance? Do you know another Voice audition that has a great emotional moment? Let us know in the comments below! If you were moved by this clip, make sure to share it with your friends on Facebook!


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