This Judge Has Some Harsh Words For This Woman In The Middle Of Court


When this horrible woman was in court, she never showed any respect. So, when the judge let her have it, I was out of my chair, standing and applauding.

The 31-year-old woman was convicted without parole for the lethal stabbing of her boyfriend. While in court, she would constantly smirk and snicker at the victim’s family members. The judge saw this blatant display of disrespect and let loose on this evil woman.

I know judges are supposed to be “above that,” but how this woman was acting during her trial was unforgivable. We just wish more judges would open up like this in the courtroom.

And seeing as how there are “a total of 3,294 individuals had been appointed to federal judgeships, including 2,758 district court judges, 714 courts of appeals judges, 95 judges to the now-extinct circuit courts, and 112 Supreme Court justices,” according to, hopefully this will start an honest trend amongst our men and women in robes.

Like we mentioned before, we loved how this judge reacted, but how did his words sit with you? Please share your thoughts and feelings with us in the comment section below.


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