Judge Judy Starts Laughing At Man Who Incriminates Himself Within Seconds


Being in the presence of a courtroom judge is enough to make even the most confident of people a bit shaky. Even in small claims court, there are a nearly infinite amount of things to worry about.

There just seem to be too many tiny laws you might not be aware of, or rules and regulations that no one informed you of — not to mention the fear of losing your money, property, or even, in some cases, worrying about the possibility of jail time or bail bonds! All of these combined can make even lawyers a little anxious!

And on top of it all, imagine you’re in the courtroom of none other than Judge Judy Sheindlin! She doesn’t care about your excuses, and she’ll rip you apart if you don’t show her the proper amount of respect she’s earned herself over the years!

While usually she keeps a serious demeanor in the courtroom, sometimes someone will say something that’s so ridiculous, she’ll show that even she has a sense of humor. The case begins like any other, the plaintiff is giving her side of the story, explaining that her purse was stolen and what was inside.

That’s when the defendant interrupts her and incriminates himself in one of the funniest ways possible. These two men probably should have at least looked over the Fifth Amendment before they went to court that day!

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