Judges Fly Out Of Their Seats Hearing Unique Whitney Cover Slam Buzzer Instant She Belts Out Chilling High Notes


Fans of the hit reality show “The Voice” live for the exciting blind auditions. Not only are we introduced to the season’s stars, but these special episodes are full of unexpected surprises. From the unusual song choices to the voices that leave us covered in the chills, the blind auditions give the contestants a unique opportunity to showcase their talents sight unseen.

When Ruth Lomboto stepped onto “The Voice Germany” stage, she was ready to prove to the judges that she has what it takes to win. As the music begins to play, the curious judges exchange looks of surprise. Instantly recognizing the Whitney Houston hit, they anxiously gear up as they wait for the contestant to start – but the moment they hear her clear voice come through the speakers, they immediately are taken with the young star on stage.



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