Judges Skeptical Of Awkward Teen On Stage Until 1st Note Of Andrea Bocelli Classic Blows Them Away


Although Britain’s Got Talent is already in its 12th season, there are some auditions that fans of the show will never forget. From the unexpected to the multi-talented, BGT and its all-star panel have always brought out the best of the best. While judge Simon Cowell is notoriously hard to impress, one man in particular had him jumping out of his seat in disbelief.

When Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli took the famous stage for the first time, the judges had no idea what to expect. The odd pair had a lot to prove, and the audience was skeptical as they waited to see what they were going to do next. As the music starts, people in the crowd can be seen exchanging worried glances. Jonathan looks awkward and uneasy, and even accidentally starts to sing before his cue.



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