Judy Garland Sings “The Battle Hymn Of The Republic”


The 1960s have often been considered America’s most turbulent era. The war in Vietnam was raging on, the counterculture was changing the political landscape, and the world honestly seemed to be on the brink of destruction as the weapons of mass destruction of the United States and Soviet Russia kept growing and growing.

So when president John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a madman, it honestly seemed like all hope was quickly being lost in the world.

The man who dreamed of going to the moon was ripped away from the nation in half a second. Whether or not they agreed with his politics, everyone was pretty heartbroken at the thought that even in this modern era, one of our presidents could be slain.

So a few weeks after that devastating day in Dallas, none other than Judy Garland decided to perform “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” in honor of the fallen president. According to Garland’s daughter, after Judy’s emotional performance she looked into the camera and said, “This is for you, Jack.” But CBS had it edited out citing it as being too political.

But the audience knew; Garland still dealing with her own problems at the time managed to perform such an incredibly heartbreaking, emotional, and vulnerable performance unlike one that anyone has ever seen before. This was truly a defining moment for our country and for the history of television assisting a whole nation to grieve with a national tragedy.

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