He Just Got Out Of Jail, But Watch Dad’s Reaction When He Sees The Dog Do THIS…


Pedigree’s First Days Out campaign is a project telling the story of two ex-convicts trying to get their lives back on track. Matt, 23, was arrested for grand larceny and burglary. Joey, 38, spent 12 years in jail for armed robbery. When they were released from prison, Matt and Joey struggled to fit back into society. They felt alone. Joey had no family, and Matt’s father kicked him out of their home in the hopes he’d put his life back together.

Matt and Joey both decided to go the animal shelter. There, they met dogs who were just like them — caged in, unwanted, and in need of a family. Matt instantly fell in love with a dog named Jeanie, and Joey fell in love with a dog named Sadie.

Adopting the dogs was just what Matt and Joey needed to get their lives in order. Jeanie and Sadie ended up boosting their self-esteem, adding structure, and helping them reconnect with society. It wasn’t long before the men cleaned themselves up and began looking for jobs.

Today, Joey has found his calling; he trains kennel dogs. And prepare to bawl like a baby when Matt reunites with his father, who instantly recognizes the positive impact Jeanie has made on his son. “Ready to come home?” he asks. If that doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, nothing will.

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