Kenyan Athlete Helps Chinese Man With No Hands Drink Water


Jacqueline Nytepi Kiplimo is an elite Kenyan marathoner with more medals and accomplishments than most athletes could dream of winning. Oftentimes, champions notoriously need to have a mindset of winning at all costs. It’s this edge that catapults someone ahead of their adversaries and allows for a victorious outcome. But as the video below details, Jacqueline Nytepi Kiplimo is no ordinary champion.

In 2010 she was running the Zhengkai International Marathon in China when she happened upon a male runner who was suffering from dehydration mid-race. This particular runner had no arms below the elbows, and didn’t have the ability to grab water bottles being handed out. This was only at the 10-kilometer mark of the race, but she would accompany him to the 38-kilometer mark (a marathon is 42.2km), until she felt he could finish under his own power.

This act of selflessness ultimately cost her the race, but her second-place finish will never replace the first-place finish she has in our hearts after watching what she did. A Kenyan news reporter tracked her down and asked her about the events that took place that day, and it serves as a truly humbling look into the mind of this spectacular champion. It’s people like Jacqueline that the world should consider as a role model.

What did you think of Jacqueline’s actions during the race? If you had a chance to win a marathon (and think about what that really means for a moment), would you give that up to help a stranger? We here at SFG think what she did was remarkably special and want to share it with the world. If you feel the same way we do, spread Jacquline’s story, and with it, her message of kindness towards all people. Even if that kindness comes at the cost of personal glory.



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