Kids Grill Their Own Parents With Help From A Polygraph


Since the early 1920s, lie detector tests have been used by law enforcement agencies and psychologists as a tool for determining the truth. Formally known as the polygraph, there’s been recent debate in regards to the validity of these tests, but that didn’t stopped these kids from hooking their mothers up to the infamous machine when given the opportunity.

In the following video, Dan Ribacoff of International Investigative Group is tasked with interpreting the machine’s outputs, while the kids are in charge of sparking the inputs via introspective questions that leave some of these moms blushing (though the kids do their fair share of that).

I can only imagine what it would feel like if my child asked me hilariously personal questions while I was forced to answer honestly. Further, I’d be equally nervous to ask my own mother some of these questions knowing I was about to get more information than perhaps I bargained for.

One thing is for sure, this exercise cracked me up right out of the gate. So many funny, candid moments that I’m sure brought these families closer together. The question is, would you subject yourself to this test? If so, do you think you could beat the lie detector? Let us know in the comments.



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