How To Kill Mildew In Clothes


Nobody likes the idea of mold growing inside any area of the house, especially in the closet. Though bathrooms and basements are typically more prone to mold growth than closets, clothing is particularly sensitive to attracting a kind of mold called mildew. According to the University of Missouri Extension, mildew is a type of mold that grows when moisture and specific temperatures are present.

The university extension goes on to explain that mildew is most commonly found growing on paper, wood and a wide variety of fabrics. The rate at which mildew spreads depends on the conditions it’s surrounded by. As was previously stated, mildew needs moisture to grow, so clothing items that are frequented with sweat or water have a high chance of attracting mildew.

Chances are, most individuals have come across traces of mildew whether they’ve realized it or not. Oftentimes, mildew is associated with a musty scent, that, when found in clothing, is not always easily eradicated by a cycle in the washer. According to Clemson University, the disagreeable scent of mildew along with traces of discoloration on the infected area are good ways to identify the mold. Common carriers of mildew, and thus the sour odor, are towels. Because towels are frequently exposed to moisture and left to a slow air-drying process, the items are prime candidates for accumulating and growing mildew.

Fortunately, mildew does not have to be a permanent detriment to clothes. Methods like the one presented in the below video provide easy ways to remove mildew from clothing. In the video, blogger and DIYer Karl Boericke demonstrates how to remove mildew from clothing by “cooking” it in a pot of boiling water with distilled white vinegar added to it.

Boericke throws an array of musty-smelling apparel into the pot, covers it and lets it “cook” for one minute before turning the heat off. Boericke explains that after the clothes have cooled down he will then drain the water and put the clothes through a normal washing and drying cycle.

Boericke published this video to his YouTube channel in July 2013, but users are still actively posting in the comments section. Boericke’s blog The Frugal Berry is home to many other home-related projects and ideas that teach his followers how to be crafty without being spendy. According to Boericke’s LinkedIn page, he lives in Fort Wayne, Ind., and has a wife and daughter, as stated in his blog.



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