Kinetic Sculptures Create Interesting Visual Effect


Washington-based Anthony Howe is a sculpture artist unlike any other. Unsatisfied with his work being static, Howe instead wanted to create art instillations that incorporated movement. For his work, he wanted to harness the power of wind.

Howe used computers to create 3D models of the pieces he wanted to create. This allowed him to see how the installations would react to wind in the real world. He then modeled metal in his shop to match his 3D computer version.

Seeing the pieces in action is truly unlike anything else. There’s a certain fluidity and beauty that makes every single pieces feel “alive.” My personal favorite is the giant face, it just gives me such a good Easter Island vibe that I can’t get enough of!

What do you think of Howe’s work? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook! Would you want something like this in your yard?



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