I Know This Happens All The Time But Actually Seeing It Will Blow You Away. Amazing.


Since you were a child, you probably have accepted the fact that animals migrate. Birds fly south during the winter and salmon swim upstream so that they can spawn. No big deal, right?

Well, when you see these magnificent natural phenomena with your own eyes, you’ll realize it’s a bigger deal than you could ever image. The sheer scale of these migrations are epic. Thousands of individual animals instinctively travel hundreds or thousands of miles every year. Different species of birds, bugs, fish and mammals all do it. Who knew that something so simple we take for granted could be so mind blowing?

(H/T HuffPost)

The monarch butterfly migrates such a long distance for such a tiny creature, not one individual can make the round trip (which would make you wonder how they know where to go). This world is truly an incredible place when you take the time to think about it. Click below to share these amazing facts with others.




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