These Are The Last 19 Things You’d Ever Want To See In A Bathroom. OMG… Serious Fails.


Using a public restroom is always a dangerous gamble. There is a chance the toilet is clean and well maintained… but it’s far more likely that you’re just stepping into a war zone. Some of the most ridiculous things can be found in a public bathroom. It’s almost like architects make them frightening on purpose.

These bathroom fails are some of the worst you’ll ever see. You’d never want to walk into a bathroom after a long night and see any of these things. Not only are some gross, but many just don’t make sense. These are bathrooms from Hell.

(H/T BuzzFeed)

There is a reason why “waiting until you get home” always seems like such a good idea when you have to pee in public. Not only is it cleaner, but you’ll avoid the insane bathroom fails that are everywhere. (Don’t even think about using a Port A Potty.)



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