Laugh At This Puppy Who Can’t Stand His Owner Praise


When Clarke and his fiancée got a new puppy named Franz Bulldog, they named him Lincoln – Link for short. They both thought it was … cat pajamas! Once, while donning a new bandana, Clark and Link talked about how handsome Link looked.

She said the cute puppy looked cute with her new headband. How does the link respond? Small, shallow, almost muscular bark. He claims to look great, but Link doesn’t believe him.

“How do you like your new bandana?” he asked the puppy. Link’s answer is barking, jumping, and light bites.

Then the man, who seems to have changed his mind, kisses his father on the neck.

“Then how much do you like your gang?” Clarke asked again. The link is so close that he can hear all the praise.

“Oh, is he old?” he seems to be talking. Clark gave him a sidelong glance and said, “I still think you’re beautiful!”
Lincoln is probably one of the prettiest puppies we’ve seen lately.

Clarke and his wife are sure to teach him morals, such as how to raise him and how to get praise. There may be several ways for him! What do you think? Is he handsome with his bandage? We think so!



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