Lazy Senior Dog Invents A BRILLIANT Way To Play Tug-O-War. Hysterical!


To dogs, tug-of-war is a time honored tradition that has been a favorite dating back for centuries. It’s the one game where they can flaunt their strength, their determination, their keen pulling abilities, and how quickly they can rip apart one of their favorite toys in seconds flat. Not only is it a wonderful way to play and bond with your dog, it is also a great mental and physical exercise for your dog.

Well…for most dogs it is. Watching these two dogs play tug-of-war is more like watching one dog hilariously play along with the idea of playing tug-of-war without actually tugging on anything. I think older dogs especially will appreciate and be impressed by this tactic — for those with lazier bones, it’s still very effective! LOL!

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