She Least Expected This When The Cat Was Approached By The Parrot… This Is Cute And Amazing!


Even though cats and dogs are known to fight from time to time, here, we are presented with one of the strangest fights ever! Ever heard or imagined cats will fight with parrots for one of the least expected reasons? Well, how do you judge it when a parrot and a little kitty fight for some space in front of a television? Though there is enough space for the two, it seems they have some disagreement on the kind of show that is running on the TV.

The whole scene starts when the parrot approaches the cat that is relaxing on the couch. He plays tough by flapping his wings a thing that does not go well with the cat.  The cat reacts by flailing his paws into the air while standing with the help of his back legs. It may seem that the cat was ready to share but the parrot had other ideas in mind.

As revealed by the owner, these two are good friends and get along well with each other. This is one of their ways of having fun and playing. You have to watch this do discover who emerged as the winner!

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