Let’s Applaud This Young Savior With Down’s Syndrome, Who Jumped In Sea To Save Drowning Girls


The drive to save others when they’re most at risk is heroic and brave. Often, it’s something we only hear about quite rarely.

When we’re faced with danger, though, it’s not many who can overcome the instinct to panic or freeze. 

Meet one young man with zero freezing or panicking problems. Valerio Catoia is an Italian boy who has Down’s syndrome.

Recently, Valerio put his own life at stake to rescue a drowning girl in the ocean. And he’s quite fairly been applauded for his heroism.

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Even as a young kid, Catoia has loved swimming. He’s trained like mad in swimming pools, mastered the art, and even gone on to take part in Special Olympics races.

On this day, Valerie was on the shore at an Italian beach in Lazio. He’d been kicking back with his dad, taking in the sun and dipping in the sea. He wasn’t to realize that very soon, he’d be drawn in to save a young lady.


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One second, Catoia and his dad were relaxing. The very next moment, they heard frantic shouts as two swimmers were pulled further out into the ocean by currents. The girls were only ten and fourteen. 

Catoia barely blinked. Rather, he hurled himself right into the waves, and he and his dad headed out to rescue the sisters. Shortly, he managed to get to the ten-year-old and carried out a rescue procedure he had studied before.

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Valerio swam with the child to the shore, all the time making sure her head was out of the sea. His dad had reached the older girl, ABC reported and was performing a similar rescue.

On getting to the shore, lifeguards took over. But without a doubt, the real heroes were Catoia and his dad. They’d rescued the young girls from what could otherwise have gone really badly.

In no time, people heard about Catoia and his heroic actions. He was recognized by the media and everyone was talking about his bravery.



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