Little Boy Loses It When He Gets A New Puppy


Andrew had been asking for a puppy for a long time, so when his parents finally made his wish come true, his reaction was priceless!

When his mom hands him the schnauzer puppy, he immediately bursts into happy tears. He never thought this day would come and is completely overwhelmed.

“I can’t believe this day is happening,” Andrew wails. “I can’t believe it!”

Dogs have a way of turning just about anyone into mush — like this heartbroken grandma whose family got her a puppy or this tough grandpa who has the sweetest reaction to his puppy surprise.

Andrew and his family have decided to name the puppy Mookie Wilson. It’s easy to tell that this pair are going to be inseparable. I love these two, and it’s clear they love each other more than anything. Have you ever seen anything so sweet?

No doubt, this dog is going to to get plenty of love and attention with his new forever family. Kids can be so lucky to grow up with caring canines. It’s beautiful moments like this that make having a pet so wonderful.

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