Little Boy Steals Whole Attention During Strider Race In Japan


In recent years, striders have become a real sensation. These simple bikes do not have pedals, which is why it can be used by small children.

These bicycles are spreading rapidly everywhere in the world, and in Japan, they even organize numerous competitions in which our youngest show their talents.

This was the case in the video before you, in which there we can see many children who competed in a short race with striders. Everything was going according to plans, then one of the girls got tangled up and fell to the ground along with the bike.

The scene, which was then taken to the camera, quickly circled the world and impressed many!

The leader of the race stopped his bike and placed it on the floor, and then ran to the girl for help. He picked up her bike, sat down on his strider again and headed towards the finish line together with the girl! It was such a wonderful move, which could also be an example to many older people.



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