Little Calf Rescued From Slaughter Cuddles With Farmer


Salvador the calf was born into the dairy industry and torn from his mother at birth. He spent his first few years on a Chilean dairy farm, where he was kept alive to one day be killed and sold as veal.

He was was forced into a 2′ × 2′ wooden crate and not allowed out, being deprived of roaming on the farm’s grassy fields. Sick and weak, he was days from being sent to the slaughter when he was rescued by AnimalLibre.

Today, Salvador is living the best life ever at Santuario Igualdad Interespecie, the farm animal sanctuary that adopted the calf. He spends his days lounging in the sun and enjoying his freedom. (This story reminds me a lot of Fiete, a lucky bull who was rescued from slaughter and is now the happiest bull on Earth!)

In the video below, Salvador cuddles with one his caretakers as the farm dog watches over them. It’s so sweet. It’s so beautiful to see animals and humans have such beautiful connections.

Seeing how these farm animals react to being rescued just goes to prove how sweet and intelligent they are. It’s so beautiful to see these beautiful creatures thriving and enjoying life now that they’re free.

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