Little Dog Emotionally Abused His Whole Life Finally Finds A Forever Home


For as long as he can remember, little Emerson has had to fight and struggle every single day of his life just to survive until the next day. Every single second has been a fight to keep ahead of the abuse, of predators, of evil people who would rather abuse him than love him.

For years he was never given the proper medical care, dental care, grooming, or even the proper amount of food and water a dog needs to stay happy and healthy. But he fought to survive.

So when this scrappy Papillon-Pomeranian mix finally found a way to run away from his abusive home, he jumped at the opportunity. Eventually he was caught by the dog catcher, but his abusive owners thought he would be better left in the shelter.

Thankfully, some loving humans came across little Emerson, and even though they realized how much work it was going to take to nurse him back to health, they knew in their hearts that nursing this dog back to health was well worth the time and effort.

While it took a lot of tears and sacrifice; Emerson finally managed to get out of his abusive house and find the “forever home” that every single dog deserves to have!

Warning: The photos below contain graphic imagery that may be upsetting to some viewers.

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