Little girl Raises Her Hand to Bless The Priest And gives High-Five


In recent months, the Internet has been surrounded by cute videos of a little girl being stolen from every church.

The priest wanted to bless her on the altar, and she laughed out loud. The priest laughed at his charming walk.

RM Videos,Youtube

The video with the church girl has already become a real hit on the network, only on Twitter it has gained more than 4 million views, and the beautiful image will surely envelop with kindness.

The priest in the video wanted to bless the girl with his hand in front of his mother, but she did not know how to react to the priest’s actions,That’s why she gave him a high-five.

As expected, the image of the laughing priestess walking out of the church is sure to brighten up your day. Look what the girl did when the priest was about to bless her.



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