A Little Girl Is Short At The Register But When The Cashier Says This Everyone Is Blown Away


If you’ve ever been short of change at the register, you’re going to relate to this next video.

Whether you were a buck short or you thought you had a few more dollars on that debit card, it can feel embarrassing and desperate when you realize at the last minute you can’t afford a meal.

A little girl and her brother went out to get some ice cream. Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough money.

No, the kids aren’t impoverished. They’re actually conducting an experiment to find out if a fast food worker, who only makes minimum wage, understands what it’s like to be low on funds. Would they lend them money and cover the difference? Or would they send the two kids packing?

They go to three restaurants and found that the results were pretty shocking.

Maybe you’ve never worked at a restaurant, but if a cashier is short at the end of the day after ringing something up, they can get into a lot of trouble. In order to give something away a fast food worker is probably risking their job and livelihood. Although, it isn’t completely unheard of:A Chik-fil-A employee gave a free meal to a tired mom without hesitating one bit.

So, are these employees willing to put a lot on the line just to help out some kids they don’t even know?

Watch the video to find out and SHARE if you’ve ever been short at the register.



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