A Little Girl Started Dancing In The Subway – But No One Thought THIS Would Happen!


If you’re not familiar with the New York subway, let me just tell you, it’s not always fun.

It can be hot, cold, crowded, lonely…basically, not a place you want to be. Yes, sometimes there are amazing performers who play in the tunnels, but many people are so used to walking quickly to their destination that they don’t even take the time to stop and listen.

This subway performance was different, however. When the band Coyote and Crow began to play a Grateful Dead cover underground by the L train, most people did the usual – walked right on by. But one little girl felt the music, and needed to get out there and dance! As the song continued, the crowd around her grew, and more people joined in. It’s a true testament to the power that music has, and what a little bit of happiness can do to a crowd of people.

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