Little Girl In Walmart Meets Man Who Looks Like Santa Claus


When Robert Riley was shopping at his local Walmart, he had no idea that his beautiful little daughter was about to become the star in a viral video.

It started simply enough, little Sophie Jo Riley was walking with her dad in her favorite store when she suddenly saw a man who looked rather familiar. While it was definitely an odd sight to see him shopping at her Walmart, she would recognize this man anywhere in the whole world: Santa Claus!

Dressed in a plain red shirt and blue jeans, he still was unmistakable with his long white beard and cheerful face. Even though he wasn’t wearing his hat, this man is loved by children all around the world for spreading good cheer and giving fantastic gifts!

So when little Sophie saw him, she did what any little girl would do, and went up to speak to him. The video below shows the adorable encounter. Even though Roger Larck looks a lot like the jolly old man, it turns out he’s not actually Santa Claus. But when little Sophie asked him if he was, he got down on his knee and played along.

While Roger will tell you he’s not really Santa Claus, seeing him spreading love like this during the Christmas season has a lot of people wondering if maybe he is. Seems like Santa was doing some last-minute gift-buying at Walmart this year!

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