Little Sister Has The Sweetest Message About Her Adopted Brother With Down Syndrome


If you’ve ever met a person with Down syndrome, than you probably already know that they are some of the sweetest and most lovable people on the planet.

Every family has its own obstacles and as with all disabilities, raising a child with this genetic disorder can be too difficult for some people, as we learned in this almost heartbreaking story of a baby rejected by her mother and saved by her father. However, as you’ll see in the following video of a little girl and her older brother, sometimes a child with Down syndrome can end up saving an entire family.

Meet 5-year-old Ace Eicher, a little girl who is more understanding and tolerant of people’s differences than most adults are. When I first started watching this touching video of her speaking about her special brother, named Archie, I thought it was just sweet portrayal of two siblings, until I realized there was something much deeper going on. When Archie was born in Bulgaria, he was abandoned by his parents in an orphanage. Sadly, most people are looking for healthy babies without disorders when they adopt, but by some miracle the Eichers decided to take a chance on baby Archie.

As you can see in the following video, Ace may not fully understand everything about her big brother. Sometimes she just wishes he would sit still and play with her, but she loves her adoptive brother more than words can describe and would always stand up for him, just like this little boy does in his music video. Ace wants to show the world that just because her brother is a little different, he should never be treated as such. Her video proves that sometimes little kids are the best reminders of how we should treat one another.

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