Local Man Hailed A Hero After Stopping A Kidnapping


Tom O’Brien might never have seen his son again had it not been for the quick thinking of a complete stranger.

Jesus Delgado was working his shift at T2 Tacos in Los Angeles when he heard a young boy screaming outside of the Mexican restaurant. When he ran to the scene, he saw an older gentleman with O’Brien’s son, Grady. He immediately knew something was wrong, even though the man insisted that Grady was his own.

He then chased after the man along with the help of several high school students who happened to be close by. They were able to save helpless little Grady from the would-be kidnapper, just like the gas station clerk who saved an abducted woman based on instinct.

“I am a father,” Delgado told Los Angeles’ KTLA 5 of why he stepped in without a second thought. “The kids are like my son.”

Before the incident, Grady, 4, was walking home from school with his older brother, Brendan, 6, and their nanny. That’s when the man reportedly punched the nanny in the face and ran off with Grady.

“I would like to say thank you to them because it could be a really different situation,” Mr. O’Brien said while fighting back tears.

The kidnapper was later found and arrested, according to the news station.

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