One Lonely Grave Sits In The Middle Of This Indiana Highway.


Have you ever been driving through the country and suddenly come upon a grave in the road? Thankfully me neither, but that’s exactly what you can find driving on County Road 400 in the rural town of Amity, Indiana.


The grave is Nancy Kerlin Barnett’s (1793 – 1831). When the county decided to build the road through what used to be the local cemetery her grandson, Daniel Doty, was not happy. Doty went out and decided to guard his grandmother’s grave with a gun. He refused to move until they rerouted the road. Eventually the county gave in and built the road around the grave. Check out the pictures below.


Wow I hope my grandkids are that loyal when I’m older. I just feel sorry for whoever drives past my lonesome grave, late at night. That would give them a fright they’d remember.

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