They Look Like Normal Triplets, But When They Moved, I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes…


Every time I hear about someone purchasing a puppy from a pet store or large-scale breeder it makes me sick.

Although these innocent animals deserve loving homes just as much as abandoned dogs on the street, I can’t get myself to support the monstrous practices of puppy mills. Dogs like this miniature pinscher are born into unlivable environments with terrible deformities due to inbreeding. Or even worse, the dogs appear healthy in the pet store, but when you take them home, you find out that the dog has a very poor chance for survival due to unforeseen health problems.

Abby, Noah and Mary are triplet cockapoos born with deformed legs and other severe issues due to inbreeding to get that “purebred” look. Researchers have proven that the idea of “purebreeding” is a myth and that “mutts” are actually way healthier, which completely surprised me. These three pups prove just how detrimental these practices can be, especially the brother, Noah, who was born without eyes.

Although the pups were weak, they were strong at heart and had a will to survive, so when they were rescued at 5-1/2 months old, there was still hope. All three were malnourished and couldn’t walk, but luckily their rescuers knew what to do. Wheelchairs for Abby and Noah and back leg surgery for Mary would help these three little angels get a new chance at a better life.

Their transformation is guaranteed to blow you away…

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