It Looked Like A Usual Flight Until These Passengers Were Faced With A Socking Twist!


Within this festive season, you never know what is about to happen next since you can be met by a number of surprises. Making people cheer up is what folks at WestJet are good at doing.

Lucky passengers who were flying WestJet over December were met with a surprise of their lives when they reached at the gate and found Santa waiting for them. The passengers were both young and old and all of them were requested to make a wish for Christmas; a thing that is rare to come by.

One lady wanted a reunion with her family, one dad wanted new a underwear and socks and a new choo-choo train was needed by one boy. Since they were many miles away from the ground, none of the passengers was aware of what was about to happen.

Upon landing in Ontario Canada, all the travelers went to the baggage claim and patiently waited. That section looked more of Santa’s Workshop rather an airport since it was well decorated. To the shock of everyone, snow started falling immediately the baggage carousel began moving.

I believe none of those who were in the flight will ever forget this Christmas!

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