They Were Looking For Whales, But What They Found Instead? Whoa!


Tom Satre makes his living spotting whales, dolphins, and other Alaskan wildlife to show those on board his tour boats, but just when he thought he had seen it all, he saw something amazing. Tom came across four young deer swimming in the cold water.

Satre and his family were about 1.2 miles from shore when they noticed the deer coming towards their boat. Thinking fast, he made a lasso out of mooring line and roped them aboard. At around 85 pounds each, this was no easy feat. Check out pictures from this amazing rescue below!

The deer swimming towards the boat.


They were too tired from their time in the water to stand, let alone shake the water off of their fur.


The deer saving their energy for kissing the ground when they return to the shore.

Someone looks ready to be back on land.

Others were less enthused.

This one looks so grateful!

Family portrait.

Wow! I don’t know what I’m more amazed by, the rescue or the fact that deer can swim.

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