Looks Like A Normal Christmas Tree—But Watch What Happens When They Turn The Music On…


We’ve seen some amazing light shows come Christmas time — like the Amazing Grace Christmas House in Pleasant Grove, Utah. But we’ve never seen a light show right on a Christmas tree itself!

For five years in a row, YouTube user Compman723 has been dazzling his friends and family with his Christmas Tree Light Show, a computer controlled setup that lights up in coordination with a mix he generated of hit pop songs from 2014 (including Taylor Swift and “Let It Go” from Frozen).

The 10-foot tree has over 7,000 lights and draws over 25 amps of power when fully on. And for all you technologically-inclined folks, he used Vixen Christmas light controller software, along with a RenardSS24 control board to run the 24 separate channels.

This totally got me in the holiday spirit… if only I could set this up in my home!

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