He LOOKS Like A Normal Dog. 2 Seconds Later? I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes…


If you haven’t noticed, we absolutely love hilarious pet videos here at LittleThings. Animals just have a way of helping us turn our frowns upside down and make the big things seem little.

I thought I’d just about seen all there is to see from dogs on the internet — until this hysterical video from YouTube user Jimmie Augustus Theodorus came my way. Here, we see an adorable, fluffy golden retriever just hanging around. Nothing seemed unusual to me about this video, titled “Magic dog,” but after only two seconds the pup revealed his big secret!

While I don’t want to give too much away about this super-short clip, I will say that this was thebest seven seconds of my day. I didn’t expect that there was anything “magic” about this pup, but I definitely stand corrected!

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