It Looks Like A Normal Whirlpool, But Keep Your Eye On The Center Of The Hole…


Near the banks of the Daugava River in parish Dviete, Latvia, the crazy video below shows a monstrous whirlpool swallowing everything in its path. The men who discovered this natural phenomenon stood by the banks with their camera rolling, in awe of the whirlpool as it grew larger and more powerful by the second.

From pieces of ice to bundles of debris, literally everything comes dragging towards the center of the whirlpool and sucked within, as if a plug has been pulled from beneath the ground. Though most whirlpools occur as a result of fast moving currents meeting one another in opposite directions, is actually much like the effects of a draining bathtub. Most whirlpools are not very powerful, but the one you’re about to see is definitely an exception. Let’s just say you wouldn’t want any of your valuables anywhere near this thing.

This reminds me of the couple who discovered an incredible sound while skipping rocks on ice in Alaska — only this video, also courtesy of Mother Nature, is something much more ominous. No wonder this video went viral with more than eight million views to its name!

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