Luca Striccioli plays “Country Roads” on a slide guitar neck.


A few months ago, a video appeared on the Internet showing an amazing performance by the Italian musician.

He performed the world-famous hit “Take Me Home, Country Roads” on a custom-made guitar and impressed many music lovers with his performance.

The video, posted by musician Luca Stricagnoli on his YouTube channel, was watched by more than 1.5 million people there alone. His performance was also a real highlight with the addition of a guitar – he added a slide guitar neck to the guitar which created a great atmosphere.

“Take Me Home, Country Roads” was performed by John Denver in 1971 and has been a worldwide success for many years and has been translated into many languages.

Listen to the beautiful musical performance of the world-famous hit “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by Italian musician Luca Striccioli on the slide guitar neck. Will he surprise you with his performance?



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