Man And Woman Experience Terrifying Event During Rainstorm


Having a child go missing is certainly every parent’s worst nightmare. We do our best to take every precaution possible, as our children’s safety is our number one priority – always. But unfortunately, as with life, the unimaginable sometimes happens. As a man and woman were driving down a rural Kentucky road one dark and rainy day, they were met with a situation they never could have predicted, or imagined…

Bryan and Melissa Hall were driving cautiously along Bucks Branch Road in Floyd County during a rainstorm one afternoon, when something up ahead caught their attention. Bryan strained his eyes to try and see through the pouring rain. He explained to WYMT, “It was a pretty good downpour, kind of a torrential downpour, and I was going slow – it was hard to see. And I just noticed something in the middle of my lane.” Bryan’s friend Melissa said, “I thought it was a dog at first, and that’s when he hollered, ‘Oh my God, it’s a baby!'” The horrified man and woman immediately pulled to the side of the road and brought the soaking wet 11-month-old infant into their car.



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