A Man Brings Home An Adopted Dog And Adjusts To His New Life


The first pet we own always holds a special place in our hearts. Even if you grew up with pets as a child, it’s a little different when you become sole provider and protector of an animal on your own. The video below is an adorable of example this, as we watch an unassuming gentleman get his heart roped in by a puppy up for adoption.

It was love at first site for our protagonist, who is about to give us a hilariously sweet peek into how he adjusts to his new life of “puppyhood.” I couldn’t stop smiling while watching this. Between his precious couch etiquette (or lack thereof) demonstration to laying the ground rules for who should play which region on the piano, I loved every minute.

This tongue-in-cheek video portrays two innocent souls coming together and learning to co-exist. A perfect parody that prods at people who treat and talk to their pets as humans (guilty!) and those who are parenting a pet for the first time and have absolutely no clue what to do so they wing it.

It’s virtually impossible to watch this video and not giggle from the cuteness. The over-the-top aloofness of the male lead makes it that much more endearing. What did you think? Are your cheeks as sore from smiling as mine are? Let us know what you thought of the video in the comments below, and spread the happiness to anyone who could use a pick-me-up.



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