Man Cuddles With Adorable Mini Pony


Sometimes the best things come in the smallest packages. For one tough rancher, he’s turned to complete mush when he’s out in the field with his mini ponies.

This man has a heart of gold and will spend hours tending to the horses — even stopping for some cuddles with a few of the fur babies. Thankfully, he captured one of the adorable encounters on camera for everyone to see.

In the video below, he sits down on the ground as the mini horse comes right up to him. One horse in particular plops right down in his lap and refuses to get back up. He hugs the horse — but it seems the few of the others are a little jealous. When another mini comes over, the man pets the horse’s mane and makes sure to give them as much attention as his two hands will allow.

It is so beautiful to see the animal establish a deeper rapport with his new human pal.

These adorable mini ponies may be small, but they have a whole lot of love to give. This man and his rescued horses have such a sweet relationship. It’s amazing to see these creatures thriving and enjoying life.

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