A Man Died While Building A 45-Story Building. What’s There Now Is Heartbreaking Yet Amazing.


Caracas is the largest city in Venezuela, and it is also the capital. This capital city is reported have the highest per capita murder rate in the world (as a country, Venezuela also has the highest murder rate per capita). Murders, violent crimes and lesser crimes all go unsolved. That’s because most of this city’s population lives in poor slums.

There are neighborhoods covering nearly every corner of the city, filled with poverty and squalor. No one there cares to stop the crime, nor do they have the power to. In the middle of Caracas stands a tall building, one of the largest slums in the world and a monument to the life that most people live there.

The people that live in these slums have a life that’s so deeply rooted in their life of poverty and the micro-economy of Torre David, it could be impossible for them to leave. Share their situation by sharing this article. More people should realize the kinds of lives people have around the world.




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