Man films baby locked in car, is shocked by mom’s response when he confronts her


Jon Evans was minding his own business on a shopping trip to Target in Spokane, Wash., when he noticed something unexpected in another car in the parking lot — a baby, unattended and locked in.

Irate about the child being left alone, Evans waited for the car’s owner to return, then used his phone to film the woman as he confronted her over her decision to leave the baby unattended, according to a story by Opposing Views.
What has plenty of people on the Internet steamed is the fact that the woman in the video does not seem overly concerned about the fact that she left the baby alone, telling Evans she only “went in to return one item,” according to to a story by KHQ News.
In its first day online, Evans’ video drew more than 200,000 views and some 6,000 comments. He has been lauded for his efforts, as he told the mother, “I don’t care, you don’t do that!” in reference to her leaving the child alone, as shown in the video which has since been uploaded to YouTube.
The biggest risk for any child left in a car is heatstroke, according to websiteNoHeatStroke. In 2015, 24 children died of heatstroke in the U.S. as a result of being locked in cars.



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