Man Finds His Missing Mom After 3 Years


Homeless advocate James Worley spent about a year getting to know Jennie Barela, a woman who had been living on the streets of Tampa, FL.

Through a conversation one day, he discovered she had a son named Tristen Osaka. After tracking the son down, Worley called him to let him know about Barela’s whereabouts.

The moment took Osaka by complete surprise. He had been looking for his mom for three years, but wasn’t able to locate her.

“I was sitting at my office, working at my desk, just going about my routine and it just caught me off guard,” he told ABC Action News. “It was most definitely a blessing.”

Osaka travelled from Colorado to Tampa to see his mom, who suffers from schizophrenia. Like the once homeless man with the “golden voice,” who reunited with his mom after 20 years, Osaka was able to see his mother again.

“Just ecstatic. A lot of emotion, sad, happy,” Osaka said of reuniting with his mom.

And Barela won’t be living on the streets any longer. Osaka said, “Want to get her back home, get her cleaned up, get her safe and get her off the streets.”

Watch the heartwarming reunion below.

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