Man Gives To Those Who Give In Homeless Social Experiment


Dawnson Gurley took his sign and sat outside for hours. The sign asked strangers to spare some change and wished them a blessed day. Dawson was for the most part invisible; at worst, passersby told him to “get a job.” The things is, Dawson isn’t really homeless, he’s just a guy trying to see understanding and help out others. He wanted to see who actually gave to the homeless, so that he could give back a few bucks to them.

“I wanted to give back to people who give to the homeless,” Dawson told ABC 15. “I’ve never been homeless before, so I thought what better way to do it than to be homeless. Being out there for two hours at a time. I couldn’t image doing it full-time.” Every time someone donated to him, he would give the money back with an additional $20. There eyes lit up every single time. While he was paying the kindness forward, he met one woman who was actually homeless, Charna Foley. Dawson believes Charna changed his life.

“I was outside Fry’s supermarket just asking people for money. She said I was in her spot,” said Gurley. Charna had been homeless for three months, and Dawson gave her his last $20. He also kept in touch with her and collected donations on her behalf. Charna broke down in tears. She spent every penny of the $20 except for $1, which she keeps as a reminder of his beautiful act.

“He gave me freedom that day to be normal and buy what I want,” she said.

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