Man Makes A Tissue-Paper Backdrop Perfect For Wedding Reception Photo Booth


Photo booths at wedding receptions are a wonderful way to help document the momentous occasion, and designing your own photo backdrop can add the perfect personal touch. In the video below, Jc Petersen Frias, a DIY enthusiast who runs a fabulous YouTube channel, shows how to make a delicate floral photo backdrop from tissue paper.

While higher cost is typically associated with higher quality of an item, DIY enthusiasts like Frias use creativity to their advantage and find ways to turn simple, frugal items into something wonderful. Having a custom background designed for a professionally rented photo booth could cost a couple hundred dollars, and that’s on top of renting the photo booth in the first place. Mad Mochi Photobooth, a Southern California company that specializes in renting out photo booths, for example, charges $200 to $325 for a personalized backdrop. A DIY backdrop like the one Frias concocted could potentially cost as little as $30 to $40 depending on what kind of tissue paper you use.
Skeptical of wedding decoration ideas that come with such a low price tag and that are made from such a simple material? Take a look at Frias’ finished backdrop in the photos below — the design looks simply stunning.

The whole process to create this backdrop is really quite easy. Each tissue paper flower is created by making simple cuts into the folded tissue paper, then rolling the tissue paper up into the flower shape and taping the bottom to hold the form. Frias shows several different cuts that you can use on the tissue paper so that the flowers take on different styles and shapes.

If you want to add a bit more flair to a floral backdrop like this one, you can certainly expand the number of colors used and layer different shades of tissue paper to create more dynamic flowers. Layering light purple tissue paper with a deep eggplant shade to create one type of flower, for example, and pairing them with a champagne and bronze flower would add depth to the backdrop. You could also experiment with attaching simple rhinestones into the center of some of the outer flowers to create a dazzling frame around the center of the backdrop.
The key is to let your imagination run wild and explore ideas that show off your personal style! Whether you’re in need of an easy DIY photo backdrop to cut costs or are simply looking to add a splash of flair to your reception, Frias’ design is the perfect jumping-off point to creating a stunning and unique photo backdrop of your own.


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