Man Plays ‘Taps’ In Honor Of Fallen American Soldiers


Eric Barlar loves his country and respects the millions of men and women who have put their lives on the line to defend that same country. Even though the country seems divided on so many issues at the moment, one thing that just about everyone can agree on is that our soldiers all deserve love and respect for their countless sacrifices over the years.

So in honor of the men and women who laid down their lives for America, Eric took out his trumpet and decided to play the only song proper for those who, as he states, “carried this country on their backs through hell and high waters.” The one song that can properly honor those who have died is the simple yet touching one known as “Taps.”

Playing in the parking garage of a VA hospital, Eric thought his beautiful rendition of the song would soar through the grounds of his hospital with the beautiful acoustics of the empty chamber. Though he thought no one would be able to locate the source of the music, one nurse found him and asked him to play it again, but this time at the flagpole.

Eric agreed, and while he played, he noticed that everyone stopped in their places. A simple reminder of all of those who have fought for our country, regardless of the politics behind it, these men and women gave their lives because their country asked them to. And Eric is the kind of person who wanted to share his beautiful gift just to say “thank you!”

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