Man Puts On Magic Glasses That Allow Him To See People’s Inner Turmoil


This short video will really help put everything into perspective. While our day to day lives are filled with aggravation, annoyance, even downright anger sometimes towards our fellow humans; sometimes it’s healthy to take a breath and really think about why you’re getting so worked up.

The video begins with the man getting into his car on his way to work. His anger starts before he even exits his driveway; annoyed by some kid that darts in front of his car, the man scoffs and continues on, ruminating on the darkness in his life.

As his commute continues he attempts to park, but some woman ends up cheating him out of a good spot, the nerve of these people! It seems as if today everyone is focusing on optimizing their personal attacks on this one man specifically!

The man finally finds a spot and makes his way to the coffee shop, where a man skips him in line to add something to his order. What a jerk these people are!

We’ve all been there before, we’ve all had a gross “injustice” forced upon us, and often in those moments we easily get worked up and enraged at these people.

But after watching this video, we should all try our best to take a moment and breath. There are a lot of people out there, and every single one of them has their own story. That person who cut you in line might be going through some issues and may have just been too “out of it” to really realize that they were being rude.

Empathy and compassion are the only ways you should try to live, and if you can eventually learn how to reflect to the moment instead of instantly react to it, we could all help the world become an even better place thanks to you!

So the next time someone does something annoying to you, just put on your magic glasses and give it a second of thought.

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