Man Saves Wild Horse in Chains, But He Was Not Prepared For The Thanks He Received


Cases of animal cruelty are not a strange occurrence. In Romania, they have a common practice of chaining the hind legs of the horses so that they do not run away. Sadly, the chains are too tight that they cut across the flesh of the animals.

Horses are beautiful and majestic creatures. Sadly, most people do not realize that animals need to be shown some love and care too.

Vet Ovidiu Rosa is a vet with FOUR PAWS in Letea. The kind-hearted vet spotted the chained horse and knew he had to rescue it. The chains bonds were too tight and had cut through the animal’s flesh. Leaving the animal in such humane conditions would result in permanent damage.

Fortunately, the vet was able to free the animal. The beautiful horse has the perfect “thank you” surprise for the kind-hearted vet before it galloped away.

Are you curious to see how the wild horse thanked his rescuer? Watch the incredible rescue video below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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