Man Sets Up Camera To Capture His Dog’s Behavior When He Leaves The House


If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ve probably wondered just what your canine does behind closed doors when no one’s home. However, this guy got to the bottom of it when he attached his buddy’s GoPro camera to his pup. He might’ve expected the dog to steal food off the table or chew on dirty clothes in the hamper, but the reality of the situation was quite different.

According to animal expert, Cesar Milan, there are specific ways to help dogs cope with separation anxiety. The “Dog Whisper” recommends walking your pooch before you leave the house because exercise calms it down, physically and emotionally tiring it out. An exhausted pet has less energy to stress! He also states that giving your dog plenty of toys to play with ensures it won’t start chewing contraband items out of boredom. However, Cesar stipulates that you shouldn’t “rely on toys with treats hidden in them [because] once the dog eats the treat — which could be in minutes — he’ll grow bored and move on to the furniture.” It’s definitely hard not to feel guilty driving away from your dog in the window, but they’re such wonderful pets because they love you unconditionally, always jumping for joy when you return home!

Do you suspect your pet does anything like this? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to share if this footage tugged on your heartstrings like it did ours.



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