Man shovels path through snow to say hi to his best friend, the neighbor’s dog


A few days ago, a video clip appeared on YouTube where you can watch a cute and touching scene at the same time.

The old man shovels snow into the yard to greet the neighbor’s dogs and is very friendly with them.

The video, which was posted online a week ago, has already become a hit, with more than 4.3 million views on YouTube alone to date, and the reactions of many netizens have touched their hearts.

Despite the snow that had just fallen that day, the old man, who found time every day for the neighbor’s dog, did not miss the opportunity to say hello. With a shovel in hand, he slowly cleared the snow and made his way to the yard, where the dog was eagerly waiting for him.

Watch this adorable video of an old man walking out into the snow to meet his neighbor’s dog. Will he impress you with his moves?



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